Why I put people who don’t want to be on camera…on camera.

This little douchebag, a McCain volunteer at the rally in Strongsville on Wednesday, didn’t want to be on camera when I asked him if he thought Barack Obama was a terrorist. Among others. A lot of commenters have asked why I would put people on camera who don’t want to be on camera.

Here’s why.

I am not a journalist. I am a blogger. Not interested in convening a blogger ethics panel, but I have an agenda. And my agenda is as follows.

People like this fellow have fucked with my country for decades. They have made America a laughingstock. They have destroyed our economy with their absurd economic dogma. They have gutted America’s standing in the world. They have reduced my country’s politics to a discussion of genitalia. They have cost my country’s military over 4,000 lives, they have failed to avenge 9/11, they have turned my country’s dream for its citizens upside down, making the little guy beg for scraps from a table built on fraud. They have turned the American Dream into a Dickensian nightmare.

This guy has no business telling me he doesn’t want to be on my videotape.

We have been subjected to this stupid fuck’s war on America for decades, and for too long we have left the battlefield to him and his ilk. We have cowered from their increasing insanity, we have given them every benefit of every doubt, until we finally are expected to bend so pathetically to their every demand that they now think they can tell us to go away, when all we do is ask them a simple question.

No more.

If this little turd doesn’t want to be on my videotape, then he’d better get his ass behind a fucking tree, because I could give two shits whether he is embarrassed by his own image at a McCain rally.

It’s time these people own their record. Time for them to own what they’ve done to my country. Time for them to pay the piper. And if the only price I can extract, myself, is their image on my blog, then I will extract it.

So if you watch a video from my blog, and you feel a bit miffed that some whining Republican thug is on tape without their consent, grow yourself a pair of onions and get the fuck over yourself.

I’m fighting for my country.

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